Benefits of Using AAADM Certified Inspectors

Benefits of Using AAADM Certified Inspectors

Advanced Door Automation has been in business since 1960. As experts in the industry and strong advocates for accessibility, Advanced Door Automation is committed to providing exceptional service to all clients. Due to our level of dedication and training, we have been certified by the AAADM, also known as the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. 

As an AAADM Certified Inspector, we are acknowledged as educated professionals that have received significant training as well as experts that continue to provide professional and admirable services to clients needing automatic doors. As a consumer, there are benefits to using AAADM Certified Inspectors. Here are some of the advantages of this choice.

AAADM Develops Beneficial Training Materials for Inspectors

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers believes in the correct installation and maintenance of automatic doors. It is when these doors are correctly installed that they are considered safe and reliable for daily use. For these reasons, the AAADM has developed instructional resources that give details on the requirements and standards for each installation. Inspectors are expected to deliver high-quality work and a level of professionalism with every interaction and performance.

Inspectors Receive Compulsory In-Class Training

In addition to studying information, it is mandatory for inspectors to attend a 2-day course. Here, they receive practical training and coaching from experts. Once this is completed, and their understanding of the principles and provided training has been approved, they will take an exam. Once completed, inspectors are honoured with their certification from the AAADM.

AAADM Certified Inspectors Are Knowledgeable

When any form of electronic equipment is being installed in a business setting, it is imperative that the professional installing it is qualified. Businesses that are hiring experts, with AAADM education and training, can feel comfortable in having them perform the installation. AAADM Certified Inspectors are highly-trained and committed to the needs of their clients. Even after the installation is complete, AAADM Certified Inspectors are expected to inspect the installed doors thoroughly a year after implementation.

The AAADM ensures that doors are designed, manufactured, and installed following industry standards. The AAADM is devoted to making sure that these principles are adhered to every time a consumer becomes a new automatic door owner. Hiring an inspector that is certified by the AAADM is a reassurance to business owners and their clients that the automatic doors are sturdy and secure.

Advanced Door Automation Are AAADM Certified Inspectors

When businesses choose to install automatic doors, they do so because of the convenience and flexibility it provides to clients entering and leaving the building. Automatic doors ease the flow of traffic and help to eliminate overcrowding or discomfort. And hiring the right company to install these doors is just as imperative.
With the right company, such as Advanced Door Automation, you can feel confident in the work you’re receiving. As AAADM Certified Inspectors, we are devoted to offering professional services to our clients. We guarantee expert installation and maintenance of your doors. For more information on our services, Contact Us.