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Door Service Technicians Aide in Giving Students Access to Food Court While In Quarantine

North Carolina, May 15, 2020 – Door Service technicians at Advanced Door Automation in North Carolina, recently installed contactless entry points for Duke University’s pharmacy and hospital areas. Now the team has expanded their work within Duke’s food court system. There are students from abroad at the University through the quarantine, unable to fly home. Advanced Door Automation service technicians came through with automated doors for contactless entry so that those students can regain access to the food court while on lockdown.

These team members are fulfilling our purpose as an organization by providing safe and secure access for generations. Through their work, installing operators in the Duke Brodhead Center, students who were unable to get home when the pandemic hit will have restored access to their meal plans in a safe and secure capacity.

Matt Stuka, General Sales Manager of Advanced Door Automation, comments:

“We are so grateful to our service technicians and installers who go to work every day to help communities minimize the spread of viruses, their jobs really are so essential to the world we live in today.”

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First photo: Advanced Door Automation team members Wayne Tilly and Dennis Pulliam



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