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Automatic Hospitality Doors Give Comfort To Your Guests

We install beautiful and easy to use automatic door door systems for your hotel guests and staff.

Beautiful and Functional Automatic Hospitality Doors

First impressions are everything when it comes to running a business. This is especially true in the hospitality industry. The doors to your building make the first impression, and Advanced Door Automation ensures the best guest experience from the moment they reach your entrance.

We provide solutions for any opening or space that will impress your patrons while offering a practical, reliable door. You can expect our doors to meet both your guests’ needs and your own requirements, including safety, security, dependability, and beauty. 

Advanced Door Automation has the hardware and doors for practically every application in the hotel industry. The doors are attractive and secure and will please hotel management with total cost of operation. 

Why Advanced Door Automation for your Hospitality Doors?

We use automated door systems by Horton Automatics that are unmatched in value, design, and safety. 

  • Pleasing Aesthetics: Horton door systems can be specified with custom finishes in a wide range of colors and wood grains with superior durability and color retention.
  • User Friendly: Easy hands-free operation helps patrons with luggage or baby strollers, and makes deliveries efficient and fast.
  • Low Cost of Operation: Our robust door design stands up to the highest traffic conditions at low maintenance costs. Strong weather seals lead to substantial energy savings.
  • Virus Prevention: Harmful viruses can be spread by touching contaminated door handles. Automatic Doors keep your guests healthy!

Revolving Doors for Hotel Entrances

Hotel Revolving DoorAt Advanced Door Automation we install, maintain and repair several automatic, advanced revolving door systems that are perfect for any space that would benefit from the grandeur and improved traffic flow of a revolving door. Our doors can handle any amount of traffic and provide energy-efficient operation. 

There are different models of automatic revolving doors and manual revolving doors, which can be installed with a center shaft or center core vestibule design.

We also offer Security Revolving Door Systems including options such as bullet-resistant glass and tailgating prevention.

Automatic Sliding DoorsAutomated sliding door Burlington, London, Ottawa By Horton Automatics of Ontario

Advanced Door Automation offers a wide variety of sliding door systems in hotels and restaurants. We allow no compromises to quality and usability in the construction, installation and maintenance of our sliding doors, to make sure that your opening will retain its beauty and operate flawlessly in service of your patrons.

Automatic Swing Doors

Swing Doors Restaurant Ontario

We provide a full range of automatic swing door systems for your establishment, with adjustable opening and closing speeds, obstruction sensing, Push-N-Go activation and other usability and safety features. 

Our doors are available as single, pair or double doors with a choice of in-swing or out-swing and left- or right-handed operation. They are offered as Manual, ADA Low Energy and Full Power swing doors.

Finally, they can be offered as Fire Doors and installed as part of your overall fire protection plan.

Access Control Systems

Our hospitality door offering integrates well with a large variety of access control systems. This allows us to provide a complete service offering including:

  • Electronic locking systems
  • Mobile key solutions
  • Hotel room door locking
  • etc.

Most often your guests are traveling with large carts and/or luggage – automatic doors are a reliable and durable solution that also provides added accessibility for all. 

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